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Our products are guaranteed to eliminate excessive moisture efficiently and powerfully.

Santa Fe Oasis105 Supply Duct Kit

Product Details

Santa Fe Condensate Pump

  • Overcome gravity
  • Remove water when no floor drain is available
  • Up to 12-foot vertical water lift
Product Details

Santa Fe Dehumidifier Risers

  • Elevate your dehumidifier to the next level
  • Enhance drainage of your Santa Fe dehumidifier
  • Protect your Santa Fe from flooding events
Product Details

Santa Fe Digital Hygrometer with Wireless Sensor

  • Displays temperature & relative humidity at the base unit and wireless sensor
  • Moon phase display
  • Barometric pressure display
Product Details

Santa Fe Small Hanging Kit

Product Details

Santa Fe Large Hanging Kits

  • Ideal for spaces prone to flooding and standing water
  • Reduce noise and vibration of the unit
Product Details

Santa Fe Honeywell HumidiPro

  • Digital Humidity Control
  • Simple Installation
  • Adjustable RH% Range (10-90%RH)
Product Details

Santa Fe DEH 3000/3000R

  • Designed to integrate with the Ultra Series line of whole house ventilating dehumidifiers and allows homeowners to precisely monitor and control moisture levels.
  • Virtually invisible appearance on the wall.
Product Details

Santa Fe Duct Kit

  • Ideal for spaces that require extra air flow
  • Helps reduce noise and vibration of the unit
Product Details

Santa Fe 2X4 Rear Panel Kit

  • Powder-Coated
  • Polished Look
Product Details

Santa Fe 2X4 Wall Mounting Bezel Kit

  • Powder-Coated
  • Polished Look
Product Details

Santa Fe Surface Mount Kit

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