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Protect Your Home From Moisture Damage With Santa Fe Dehumidifiers

Moisture Protection

High Humidity Can Cause Property Damage

Maintaining proper humidity levels is one of the most important steps in protecting a home and its contents. Mold growth can lead to costly remediation projects that may not be covered by homeowner insurance policies. Excess moisture in the home can cause damage to wood floors, furniture, artwork, electronics, and the overall structure of the home. It can also provide a breeding ground for cockroaches, termites, and other damaging pests. Pests are believed to cause more structural damage to homes each year than fires and storms combined.

Whole Home

Moisture in the home comes from many sources: people, pets, plants, cooking, washing, ground water, and outdoor air infiltration. Dehumidifiers are vital for humidity control, especially in areas where humidity can rise above 50%. Santa Fe Ultra Whole House Ventilating Dehumidifiers are installed as part of a home’s HVAC system and will properly maintain humidity levels throughout the house year-round, regardless of outdoor weather conditions or internal moisture loads.


Whether it’s a family room, gym, extra storage, theater room, bedrooms, or a combo of these, basements are more susceptible to humidity due to the mere fact they are built in the ground. High humidity levels in the basement will affect the furnishings, flooring, building matters, and even the electronics.

Crawl Spaces

Wood rot in floor joists and support piers occurs when the moisture content is above 28%. This can happen for several reasons but the most common is when the relative humidity is above 70%. If wood in a crawl space absorbs too much moisture, it becomes susceptible to damage caused by rot or termites. This sort of damage reduces the wood’s ability support the weight of the structure above.